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Branded points of sales of Zelyonye Listya company continue its work in new year

All milk products are represented at the points at discounted prices.

Recall that “Zelyonye Listya” company holds an extensive work over prices reducing at milk products. There are six|branded points of sales of the companyup to day in the region:
- Vladivostok, Anna Schetinina Str., 9 (District of Snegovaya Pad).
- Vladivostok, prospect of 100-th Anniversary of Vladivostok, 153a (District of factory “Zarya”).
- Vladivostok, Kalinina Str., 273 (District of Churkin), “Pyatyorochka” market, hall 49.
- Vladivostok, Karbysheva Str., 11.
- Spassk-Dalniy, central square.
- Village Khorol, central square.