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Zelyonye Listya - About company

About company


The history of Zelyonye Listya Company has more than 20 years.We have been developing various fields of our activities: architectural design, building materials production, milk processing and cultured milk foods production. Our innovation field can be emphasized separately. Our company’s research base is more than 10 years old.

Today we are among the top three milk processing leaders in Primorsky Territory. Our plans are to increase the production of milk, dairy products and soft drinks, to output new products, which are unique for Primorsky Territory and the whole country, and to implement innovative projects in agriculture field and construction materials production.

The key principle of our work is the development and the adoption of innovations in our work. Zelyonye Listya is the company which always aims forward, puts new goals, and successfully achieves them. Energy of renovation is our main idea and slogan.