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Zelyonye Listya - Zelyonye Listya Innovative Agro-complex - About Project

“Zelyonye Listya” Innovative Agro-complex” Project shall include the construction of an innovative agro-industrial bio-technical complex with a closed cycle of production and processing of cow milk, production of fodder, storage and processing of rice, soya, other grain and oil crop while processing and utilizing all production waste.

The project appears as fully independent from outer energy sources which is secured by the following energy equipment: bio-gas and pyrolysis plants using organic waste of agricultural production (paddy straw, husk and artificial cotton) as raw material for bio fuel production and cattle dung for bio gas production.

The project shall allow increasing pedigree cattle, production of milk, barleys and vegetables in Primorsky Territory, increasing food security of the population of the region as well as increasing the efficiency of the agriculture of the Primorsky Territory in general.