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Viktor Marchenko wished Primorye residents Happy New Year

Dear Primorye residents!

From a bottom of my heart I congratulate you with the coming New Year 2016!
The past year was a very busy and became for us a year of great changes and future endeavours. The policy of import substitution commenced last year was supported in 2015. It is encouraging that local producers came to the fore, have received additional support and different mechanisms for business development, implementation of new projects and the prospect of entering the markets of Asia-Pacific countries.
Past year "Zelyonye Listya" company did a lot of work, much were done to develop production and increase the availability of dairy products for the residents of the region. For our products manufacturing we use only natural milk which is collected daily from Primorye farmers, and a high quality, fresh and delicious milk is always for your tables! This work will continue in new year too!
I am confident that the coming 2016 year will be a year of new discoveries and achievements, implementation of the boldest ideas and projects. I wish all residents of the region in new year a prosperity and success in all endeavours, good health and happiness in family !
The chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group of companies "Zelyonye Listya", the chairman of the Commission to economic growth promotion of the Public Chamber of the Primorskiy region, member of the Presidium of ARPO SMSB “OPORA ROSSII" Victor Marchenko.