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Milk "Semeynoe" is a traditional taste and affordable price

A milk "Semeynoe" can be bought for 105 rubles per two liters at branded retail outlets.
Recall that "Zelyonye Listya" company extensively reduces prices for its products: all assortments of milk, dairy products and soft drinks are presented at discounted prices at branded points of sales.
Addresses of the company’s branded points of sales:
- Kalinina str., 273 (district of Churkin), the market Pyaterochka, Hall 49.
- Anna Shchetinina Str. 9 (district of Snegovaya Pad)
- Prospect of the 100th anniversary of Vladivostok 153 (Area of factory "Zarya").
- Spassk-Dalniy, at the central square.

- town Horol, at the central square.